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Our launch introduces a new platform which accepts all inexpert skills and makes them credible and productive. This framework hasn’t still been noticed by the industry and could promise a new turning point in the employment arena.
In a country like ours with a huge wide population, our app could handle a good amount of employment. Proper segregation has been done to add credibility to the jobs. The main motto of our app is to provide jobs instantaneously. As our system has already done the background check of the employee getting a job is just a click away. No platform till date provides job as instantaneously as planned to people. An employee can do any number of jobs they desire but they cannot post at the same time.
While compensation stands as a top priority, our app will be able to do it efficiently no matter how small the task might be. Our system provides job security to the ones who work on a weekly or a monthly basis as the user has abided by our terms and conditions. And cannot fire them without prior notification or valid explanation.
Providing jobs instantly in a single tap is the main facility our application newly presents. No platform as such has recorded this facility till date. The waiting time to get jobs is really long on the currently existing platforms. Also, our application promotes the credibility of unprofessional jobs. Our employees will be paid daily which promotes them to work every day. Briefly, our project will help provide a system and proper channel for unprofessional jobs, acquire jobs in an instant, help eradicate unemployment at its end and provide job security to people working and earning their wages doing these kinds of jobs.
Our project has been initialized to lend a hand towards employment. The motto is to bring together the employee and employers. The working of the application can be illustrated with a simple example. Consider yourself to be an employed man with a hectic schedule that demands your presence in the office until late hours and meanwhile you need to get your car for service. You enroll yourself as an employer in our app and you can find people who have enrolled as employees ready to work for you. You select the employee with suitable criteria, interact with them, and cut a deal at that very moment. The payment formalities are processed next to that step and you do not have to move out of the seat at any cost. There are plenty of pieces of work that could be done through this application without involving you physically that ought to help you in your daily routine. We put these posts altogether in one app which is a call for both employer and employee.

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