Sometimes a problem can be solved in many ways, but we chase for optimal solution. Optimal in terms of time complexity or space complexity according to the requirements. Divide and Conquer is one of the algorithms which reduces the time complexity of many problems. It is widely used in many computational problems.

Let us take a look at this algorithm.


Divide and conquer is an algorithm in computer science which recursively breaks down a problem into many subproblems, until they become simple enough to be solved. The solutions of the subproblems then combine to give a solution to the…

Yours Only Local Occupation

Our launch introduces a new platform which accepts all inexpert skills and makes them credible and productive. This framework hasn’t still been noticed by the industry and could promise a new turning point in the employment arena.
In a country like ours with a huge wide population, our app could handle a good amount of employment. Proper segregation has been done to add credibility to the jobs. The main motto of our app is to provide jobs instantaneously. As our system has already done the background check of the employee getting a job is just a…

Harshik Pulavarthy

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